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Why Should Analytics Power a Digital Strategy?

Having a digital marketing strategy is not only about having great branding, or beautiful imagery to display on social media. Brands that are successful in the digital channels all have one thing in common, their digital strategy is powered by analytics. Using and analyzing the right data that all the different digital platforms give back to you can be the secret weapon for a very successful digital marketing strategy.

I was able to talk to five experts in analytics and digital marketing to go over this subject, and these are their thoughts on how analytics have helped their digital strategy.

María Andrea Perdomo, Digital Marketing Manager at retail chain Grupo Cemaco, mentions “For us analytics is what powers our digital strategy. We have been working hard on focusing on the data we gather from the customer journey and working on strategies for the customers at each different stage. While there is a lot of data and information that the digital platforms offer, we have to be careful to focus on what is important and what will have a higher return on our investment.”

Nathalie Barrios, Direct Marketing Manager, talks about how using customer analytics and segmentation has been a great tool for digital communications. “Using the insights, we can gather from customer analytics helps us with our different online and offline marketing strategies, but it has been especially useful, and we have seen great results when data and analytics are used together with email marketing. It makes a difference for the customer to get a more personalized message, and it helps the company too because it generates higher engagement and conversions.”

Luis Miguel Holguín, Digital Marketing Specialist, has had a great experience using social media analytics for his digital strategies. He mentions “Using the right data that the different social media platforms provide has helped me and the brands I work with get excellent ROI results when advertising on social media, especially on Facebook. It is a competitive market but knowing who your customers are and using that information to target the right message to the right customer, at the right time, has made the difference and has shown us great results”.

Dr. William Humphrey, Digital marketing expert in mentions that “Analytics and customer journeys now go hand in hand as the path to purchase is no longer one size fits all. Unless we use our analytics and data sources from across the organization to identify pain points for the consumer, we can lose the consumer in a competitive market.”

Ariela Nathusius, VP at Grupo Cemaco, is very passionate about the impact that analytics has had on their digital marketing strategy. “Analytics and customer insights are an essential part of our marketing strategy. They permit us to test and measure the results of our efforts; iterate and re-iterate with agility.  We aim to provide an excellent experience, solving our customers’ needs and making them happy.  To do this, it is extremely helpful to understand how customers interact with our brand, and what they value.”

Talking to these different experts on the matter helps us recognize the importance that analytics, insights, and understanding the customer journey have in the different digital strategies we would like to implement. It doesn’t matter the industry the brand you are working with is in, customer insights, data, and analytics are always available through the different digital platforms, but the key to using it correctly is knowing which data is the most important to you, and which one helps you make better decisions.

Focusing on your customer’s needs while looking at your analytics will help you create a better customer journey and a seamless experience for them, and this will reflect positively on your results and ROI.

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