Video ads, useful or annoying?

Have you had a video ad pop up when you are starting to watch a video? Do you feel like they are useful or annoying?

As a user or customer, you might feel a little annoyed by them. But ask yourself, have you been influenced to look into a product or service by watching one on those ads? It is very likely you have.

Video ads are so effective for many reasons. But I believe they are one of the top choices for advertisers because they give the ability to tell a story, and stories are always more memorable. Using video also allows brands to give much more information in a short time, and since they involve more senses (sight and sound) they are way more engaging as well.

A good video ad in my experience needs to take into consideration 2 things. First, don’t forget to show the brand in the first five seconds, that way, as an advertiser you make sure your customer knows who is talking to them, and as a customer they make the message easier for you. The other thing that can help your ad have better results is to always add sound, not only music, but a recording telling the message, this will make it more memorable. Also, because a lot of people tend to use Youtube to stream music, and they are not actually watching the screen, and by adding sound you make sure they at least listen to your ad.

One of my favorite brands, I believe use Video ads great is Target. Here are some of my favorite video ads from Target from 2020:

Image source: https://grouptwentyseven.com/know-your-adwords-for-video-options-and-proceed-with-caution/

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