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When You Are Not the Star in Your Story

It can be hard to accept, but when it comes to your brand story it would be wrong to think you are the main star or hero. Then, who is the protagonist? Your customer! He or she is the main character in your brand’s story, and you will help him/her as a guide to reaching success. But a big question arises here, how do you know what success looks like for your customer, and how will you be the perfect guide to help them reach that? The best way to know what success looks like for your customer is through...
Power of brands

Love is the purpose

image source: https://witanddelight.com/2018/02/love-many-shapes-forms/ In the years I have been working on marketing one of the things I find more fascinating is the way a brand can become part of your life, without you even noticing. I obviously pay more attention than a regular consumer on the impact brands have in my life, given this is what I do for a living, and I really like it. If you work in marketing and believe that marketing is about product, promotions, place, and price, I strongly believe you are not very passionate about what you do. I have seen how brands grow...