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Research insights… the fuel behind your marketing strategy.

As a marketing leader, I have built a passion for gathering customer insights. I’ve found that having insights can help as the fuel for most of your marketing strategies. But, where do you find those insights?

There are many ways of looking for insights about your customers, for example, looking into your past purchase data, customer information you may have gathered, social media and website analytics, etc. But there is enormous value in taking the time to ask your customers or potential customers to give you more direct and personal information, and this is where marketing research comes in.

Doing a marketing research study can be a big but very exciting task, and the most important aspect will be to always have in mind your objective, and the data (or insights) you wish to collect from that study. As a leader always having space for research in your many tasks will not only give you constant customer insights, it can also help you generate brand loyalty because your customers feel that they are being heard by you, and you care about them.

So, by creating a plan to have different research projects during the year you can guarantee to have insights about your consumer’s thoughts and feelings constantly, and you can create your marketing plan and different types and channels of communication using this information, and that will give you much better strategies and tactics, because you will have data to back it up, and it is easier to guarantee that it will be successful.

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