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In the years I have been working on marketing one of the things I find more fascinating is the way a brand can become part of your life, without you even noticing. I obviously pay more attention than a regular consumer on the impact brands have in my life, given this is what I do for a living, and I really like it.

If you work in marketing and believe that marketing is about product, promotions, place, and price, I strongly believe you are not very passionate about what you do. I have seen how brands grow into becoming a part of peoples lives, and how consumers grow to love those brands and what they represent in their daily lives, and their focus is far away from the 4 P’s.

I think this is the whole purpose of Marketing communications, or the purpose that any brand or company should aspire to in their marketing efforts: How to become so integrated with your customer that your brand is part of their lives, or if someone asks them “what would you do if XX brand would no longer exists?” They will feel some sort of void that will be left in them… And for me that is when a consumer loves a brand.  

And how to make your consumer fall in love with you? The number one thing I have come to see that is essential is having insights! How well do you really know them?

The brands everyone remembers are the ones that have captured that insight and made it part of all their communications.

An example that a person that I admire a lot has always used is Folgers Coffee. Folgers, many years ago tried to focus their message on the product attributes (mountain grown, flavor, aroma, etc.) but their sales kept on going down. So, they went and asked their consumers, what does coffee mean to you? And their consumers gave them the answer… It was not at all about the flavor or if it was mountain grown or not (although those things are important for the product itself) … It was about the feelings they experience while enjoying their cup of coffee. It is about the aroma, but not only the smell itself, it was about how that smell makes them feel. And that’s how they started using more and more their slogan “the best part of waking up…” and always linking it to the feeling of having that first cup of coffee in the morning (and if you are a coffee lover like myself, you know how that first cup makes you feel 😊), and to moments with family, friends, and even more recently to funny moments in zoom meetings, working from home.

So, to summarize the point I was trying to make. The purpose of marketing communications should be about using the insights (the most profound things) in your consumer and how they relate to your brand, product, or company, and taking that insight into action, on all the different channels of communications you have. Why? Because insight is the strongest thing you can have about your consumers, and if you talk to them using that information, they will generate a bond with your brand, that is very difficult to compete with…. A bond we can call love for your brand.

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