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Let Your Brand’s Story Shine

The main purpose of social media marketing is to connect with your customers. Obviously, you want at the end to generate sales and ROI, but the idea behind these channels is to help you connect with your customers at a significant level, so the awareness and positioning of your brand are higher than your competitors, and you create a long term relationship that will generate higher revenue over time.

The best way to truly connect with your customers is through storytelling. Here are some tips that have worked for me in the past to help a brand’s story come through and communicate to your customers.

  1. You are a guide, not the main character. Your customer is the main character in the story, and your goal as the guide is to take your customer to how they picture success. In the book Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller, he takes us through a framework that will help brands create a story that customers will listen to and how to guide your customer through the story.
  2. Find how your brand helps customers. Look for real insight from your customers, especially on how your products are being used and what value you are bringing to their everyday lives. Find that why through research. Talk to your customers to deeply understand their profound insights, and that can be the starting point of your story.
  3. Talk about your history and the impact your brand has on the community. I always find it more interesting when brands talk about where they started and even more if they are doing something other than just business. This is why you can see now that brands are looking to generate a positive impact on the environment and the communities where they serve. This helps you connect in a meaningful way with your customers when they see that your brand cares about the same things they do, and you become part of that positive story. In the book Likeable Social Media, by Dave Kerpen, he talks about the importance that has when brands share their history, that every brand has humble beginnings, and this is something that helps your customer see you, not as a big corporate company, but as someone relatable.

A brand I think is doing excellent storytelling on their social media channels is Target. I’ve seen how they have embraced storytelling in their different channels, and how they have understood how their customers interact with their brand, and what is important to the millions of customers they serve. They can tell a meaningful story, but at the same time in another channel, they can be funny, and let you know what they are doing for the community to work towards a better future. With Target you can see that is not about having only one story, you can have many stories to tell, the important thing is that your stories all have some connection that guides and brings it all together.

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