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How to Create Your Marketing Strategy using Customer Experience?

If you are a passionate marketer like myself in this video you will get some insight and tips on how to align your marketing strategy with your customer’s touchpoints to make the most out of the experience your customers get from your brand.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience can be mistaken for customer service. But,  customer experience is far more than just customer service. Customer service can be considered reactive and is what you do when something doesn’t quite work out with a customer. On the other side, customer experience is proactive because it starts before a customer interacts with your brand. Customer experience focuses on the customer touchpoints throughout the journey with your brand.

Here are three simple steps that can work as a guide if you want to focus your marketing strategy on customer experience:

  1. Be your own customer
  • This is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and submerge yourself in the experience you are giving your customers.
  • Experience firsthand all the different touchpoints your brand offers.
  • Once you’ve done this you will have a clear view of which touchpoints are working and which ones need improvement.
  • You will be able to realize if a touchpoint is designed to make the customer’s life easier or harder when they shop from you.

2. Map out your customer’s touchpoints

Think about all the moments when your brand is interacting with your customers.

  • This could be an in-store associate if you run a retail business
    • Your website
    • Customer service representative
    • Your packaging
    • Your online or out-of-home ads
    • Your social media presence
  • The key element here is to remember that a BRAND IS A PROMISE
  • Is your promise being fulfilled at each touchpoint?
  • Ask yourself, is your brand making a memorable experience?

3. Think about, How to make the experience easier?

And Third, after you experienced your product or service and mapped out your touchpoints think about how to make the experience in each touchpoint easier.

  • Easier can mean faster
  • It can mean easier to understand
  • It can mean convenience
  • It can mean helpful

It depends on the business you have, but I bet there are certain aspects of your customer journey that can be improved to make it easier for customers to interact with your brand.

Focusing your marketing strategy on how to make your customer experience better will help you generate higher loyalty.

Think why people keep shopping from brands like Amazon or Target. One of the main reasons is because most of their efforts go into making the customer experience better, and better with time. They work constantly on improving convenience and distribution, in their customer communications being relevant, the products and brands they offer, and obviously prices. In the end, this approach to marketing makes you put your customers at the center of every decision, and that is something that has been shown by many brands to be a winning strategy.

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