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Experiential Marketing That Transcends

Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, is any form of customer-focused marketing activity, that creates a sensory-emotional connection to consumers. The reason why experiential marketing techniques are so successful is that they reach multiple senses at the same time, and it tends to create an emotional reaction from customers or potential customers.

According to the blog Bizzabo.com some of the benefits of experiential marketing are:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Affinity and loyalty
  • Offer a way for prospects to try your product

In my experience, the most important benefit can be building affinity and loyalty. People prefer a brand to purchase a certain product most of the time based on their emotions. These types of activities move the customer and the brand closer together and generate emotional memories in consumer’s minds. Like the 2019 Forbes article, Experiential Marketing is The Future of Retail explains it “Experiential marketing directly engages customers, inviting them to experience brands in-person rather than putting them in the role of an observer and hoping that traditional marketing efforts will resonate with them or be memorable. 93% of consumers claim that live events have a larger influence on them than TV ads.”

The downside of experiential marketing is that it can become very expensive quickly and the number of people who get to live the experience is limited. So, for an activity of this type to be even more successful and transcend with consumers has a lot to do with how is documented and the impact and virality it generates on social media. These types of activities tend to last a few hours or days, but most brands are aiming towards generating virality on social media channels.

As you can see in any example of experience marketing they are always documented by great videos and have a component that makes the customers who experienced it share it on social media and that is the secret to making the investment worth it. The videos created often present some “behind the scenes” content to show consumers how the experience was created, and that makes these videos even more entertaining.  

Another trend that helps brand experiences transcend is making them as “Instagrammable” as possible. This means creating spaces where customers want to take their pictures to share on Instagram, or videos to share on Tik Tok or Snapchat. When you get your customers to interact with the experience you created and share it on their social networks the impact and word-of-mouth it generates can create huge awareness for any brand.

Kids playing at CAMP store
Source: WSJ

A brand I have followed for a few years now, and I believe are making experience marketing their business model is CAMP toy store, just when stores like Toys R Us were closing their doors, CAMP understood that it is not just about selling the hot toys of the moment, but actually involving the family in the play experience and enjoying time together.

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