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True Stories From Working With Data in Platform Marketing

You are probably wondering, what is Platform Marketing? Platform marketing is an approach where marketers embrace data and the customer journey and put the customer first, to ensure their experience is seamless. It uses the information or data to enable the consumer to do what they want. Sounds simple right? Focus on the customer, get the data, and give the customer different options or paths to interact with your brand, a piece of cake! This is the goal any company dreams of achieving with their marketing efforts, but sadly it is ever the case. As a marketing professional, I’ve seen...
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Communication and Teamwork, Key Components to Achieving a Great IMC Strategy

I have been lucky to work both as part of a company’s marketing team, and then having the opportunity to lead this team as well. Marketing is a complex world where you meet people with different backgrounds, some are creative souls, others are way more analytical, and then rarely you will find people passionate about both. The job of the CMO or anyone in the highest leadership position in marketing is very complicated, not just because achieving an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy is hard and requires a lot of work, but because you have another role simultaneously, the role of...