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Be The Good Guy in Your Customers Feeds

As marketers in this social world, we have a big responsibility to our customers. Social media has made us addicted to the instant gratification the notifications on our phones give us, and the fear of missing out has us scrolling and scrolling through our social media channels. We cannot change the fact that these platforms hook their users to always be active, but we can generate good content for those users, content that is useful for them and keeps them engaged with our brand.

When social media platforms implemented infinite scroll made people always want to consume more of the content provided by friends. In the article Is Infinite Scroll the Slot Machine of the New Generation? They describe the dopamine-seeking reward loop as: “With every photo you scroll through, headline you read, or link you go to you are feeding the loop which just makes you want more. It takes a lot to reach satiation, and in fact, you might never be satisfied. Chances are what makes you stop is that someone interrupts you. It turns out the dopamine system doesn’t have satiety built-in.”

By implementing the infinite scroll and appealing to that insatiable dopamine system, social media networks were able to give more opportunities for business ads to appear more frequently to consumers, making your brand more visible. So, for marketers, it was a good thing, which is why I say it becomes a responsibility for the brands to produce quality content if people are going to spend so much of their time scrolling.

And how to create content that your customers will value? Think always about your customer persona profile, their interests, their pain points and how to solve them, etc. The important thing is to keep in mind that social media is not about self-promotion and that the main goal is for people to connect and connect with your brand in a meaningful way. Another way to create a connection with your consumers is to persuade them with good and valuable content. To use persuasion in a meaningful way you can become a source of knowledge and have the authority in a certain subject so whenever a customer thinks of a certain need, they think of you.

So, in conclusion, we will not be the ones changing the way social media works, and how much time people keep scrolling. As marketers, we need to take advantage of what these platforms give us to promote our brands, but we should always think of how we are going to add value and persuade our customers in a positive and meaningful way.

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