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Authority, The Secret of a Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why some brands do great with the content that they post, even though they might not be experts at the matter? The reason behind a successful content marketing strategy is Authority. But what is authority? As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, authority is “an expert on a subject”.

And how do you gain authority? Authority is mainly given by your customers or followers, that are the people your brand helps. In the article How to Use Authority to Boost the Power of Your Content from Entrepreneur.com, Timothy Carter explains that “authority refers to a person’s perceived level of expertise and credibility on a subject. The word “perceived” here is important, because as we’ll see, there are ways to make yourself seem more authoritative on a subject than you actually are.” A great way to illustrate this is with an example. Think about Martha Stewart, I have always loved the content that her different brands provide, especially her recipes. We can think that Martha Stewart is an authority for all content related to the home (cooking, decorating, gardening, etc.), most people have that perception. But in reality, is she an accomplished domestic goddess? Probably no, but her audience has given her the authority to be the source for this type of content, and they have the perception she is a reliable source.

Here are a few tips that have worked for me, and that I found in some sources (with authority!) to use to gain authority for your content marketing strategy.

  1. Go back to basics. What is the main need your brand or products helps customers fulfill? If you start your content strategy from your strengths and your core business there is a higher chance you can become an authority in that subject, rather than if you create content that has nothing to do with your business and is out of the context of your customer thinks of you.
  • Focus on what your customers think you help them with. A great way to gain insight into your customer’s perception of you is by asking your customer service employees. What questions do they ask often? Start simple and create content that helps your customers answer those questions.
  • Keep your tone friendly and make your brand look approachable. Remember that authorities are not necessarily the ones that have the ultimate knowledge, but the ones that customers think of when they are looking for certain information.

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