About me

Hi! I’m Andrea

A mix between business lady and a creative soul. My work has led me to mix these two very important aspects of my life, I love to get things done, numbers and data, but at the same time love all the aesthetics that have to do with marketing. This blog hopes to be a mix of these two different but very complementary aspects of my life. And if you are like me, I hope you find my insights and thoughts on marketing interesting and inspirational.

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I’m a 33 years old marketing professional. Born, raised, and living in Guatemala. I’ve worked in marketing for the past 10 years, and have been blessed to be in a company where I have been able to meet both of my passions. I am passionate about data, consumer insights, customer experience, social media and digital marketing, but I’m always intrigued about how the creative and artistic parts of marketing and the more analytical meet, and deliver incredible results.