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Is Influencer Marketing Important for Your Brand?

Have you wondered how sometimes you follow a brand on social media, but suddenly you also follow an influencer or blogger, and suddenly they start talking or posting about products from that brand? There is very little coincidence here, this is a strategy of Influencer Marketing. First, what is an influencer? I liked the way explained here: “An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience or has a following in a distinct niche, with whom he or she actively engages....
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Using Customer Insights To Have a Great Web Design and User Experience

In the years I’ve been part of retail marketing I have been lucky to work hand-in-hand with the e-commerce team, and we have learned so much about web design, but especially about using customer insights to drive user experience and design. Web design without using customer feedback can fall into very bad practices of usability. You need to understand your market and your customers and think of web design as creating the best experience you would like your customer to have with your brand. In her article for HBR Leah Buley (Links to an external site.), Director of Design Education at InVision,...